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Interior Remodeling Contractor in Erie, PA

Restyle, upgrade and beautify your home or commercial space by having the professionals come in and do the work. Let them help you repaint your home to bring in fresh life, redo the floors you've been meaning to get done for years, or totally overhaul the kitchen that you can't stand. Your home should be a place you love being. It is your sanctuary. Hire professionals with decades of experience who can help make your dream home a reality. 
Don't wait any longer. Explore what Braendel is capable of when it comes to interior remodeling and get your next project started today by reaching out. 

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Painting & Wallpapering

Add a fresh coat to any (or all) walls in your house. Have trendsetting wallpaper applied by professionals who do it perfectly every time. See what's possible today. 

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Home Remodeling

Whether you're looking for a small renovation or to add an entire addition to your home, you can trust Braendel to do the job right so all you have to do is enjoy your new space. 

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Bathroom Remodeling

We start and end most of our days in the bathroom. Make it a room you enjoy being in with refreshed lighting, updated fixtures, fresh paint and floors, or a total remodel.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Turn your kitchen into a modern great room. Braendel can update cabinets, floors, lighting fixtures, build an island, and more!

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Flooring Installation

Leave this massive project to the professionals. We will work with you to find the material and style that perfectly compliments your home. 

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