Create an Outdoor Living Space

Decks, Pergolas, and Porticos

Braendel's experienced installation team will help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Our designers will give you the ideas for a completely customized deck, pergola or portico. Then our carpenters will go to work to install your new living space using the construction materials that you select and that meet your budget.





Whether you have a tentative design idea or are starting from scratch. Braendel's experienced deck contractors can help you find inspiration and eventually, the design that you think fits your home and wants the most.

We will make the time to meet you and discuss everything from the materials, extra features, size, and budget. We will mesh together other considerations like your family size, activities, and the scale of entertainment on the deck. The more we can help you visualize the finished product, the happier you'll be. That's why so many clients have been pleased with the work Braendel Services has done for them.


Hiring a professional contractor to build your pergola is a fantastic way to take your backyard one step closer to becoming your dream paradise. Pergolas are excellent for creating shade and dispersing the sun on bright days. They also add a fantastic aesthetic to your yard because of their classic appearance and decoration opportunity. If you want to add a hint of luxury and beauty to your yard, then give Braendel Services a call.


Although not as popular as decks, porches, and pergolas, a portico can quickly become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. By far, the #1 reason homeowners call Braendel Services for a portico installation is for how beautiful they look, but they also increase your home's value and provide great weather protection.

What To Look For In A Deck Contractor

Finding a reliable deck contractor is not as simple as finding someone on Google and handing them a check. When done correctly, it will take a bit of time and proactive thinking to find a deck contractor who you believe will do the job you ask of them.

The job?

Build you the deck, porch, patio, pergola, and/or portico of your dreams, on budget, and on time. When looking for a contractor that can do these things, here's what to look out for.

Good Communication Skills

There are many builders out there with the experience to get the job done, but they're a hassle to work with. This is because they lack communication skills. A lot can happen over the course of a project from price increases on materials, delays, and unplanned for design constraints.

We pride ourselves in always communicating fast and efficiently with our customers. The last thing place you deserve to be is in the dark. Ask your potential contractor for references to ask how they are to work with.

Proof of License and Insurance

We can't say this enough times, but do not work with a contractor that cannot provide updated proofs of insurance and licenses. Not only will it be impossible for them to secure permits, but you are putting yourself and your wallet at risk. 

You don't want to find out your deck wasn't properly attached to your home and can't pass inspection when you try to sell your home. Beyond that, would you want your loved ones at risk because they're on or below a poorly built structure.

Proven Track Record

Anybody can say they can complete your deck on time in the way you want it, but there's only one way to truly know if they're walking the walk. A contractor with a proven track record can not only tell you but show you examples of similar projects they've worked on. A few ways to prove a track record is by bringing examples to an estimate, providing references, or having an extensive portfolio like us.

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you are looking to expand your outdoor living space so you can enjoy it all year long, or this is your first exploration into the world of semi-outdoor residential spaces, our team is equipped to make the entire process — from the initial estimate through the completed renovation — exciting and inspiring as opposed to stressful. All you need to do is give us a call so we can share your vision and help make it a reality.

Living by the great lakes, we all know how harsh the seasons can be. Yet we have a desire to enjoy fresh air and sunshine to improve both our mental and physical health. A pergola, deck, or patio is a great way to increase your home value, add style to your property, and enjoy your beloved greenspaces all year round. 

Partnering with Braendel can make this a reality for your home in Erie, PA. Explore some of the many styles of pergolas, porticos, and decks we have done in the past, or give us a call to talk about what addition you would like to see made to your home. 

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