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Historical Renovations in Erie, PA

Erie, Pennsylvania is loaded with historical buildings that have shaped this town into what it is today. Unfortunately, with time and the harsh climate Erie faces, these buildings begin to disappear along with the past. At Braendel, we understand the significance of keeping these buildings alive for future generations to enjoy. Through our historic renovation services, we strive to preserve our city's character and our distinct sense of place.


Historic Home

Historic Buildings

One of the most historic renovations we have worked on in Erie is the unmistakable Warner Theater. This luxurious building was commissioned by one of the world's most successful producers, the Warner Bros., in 1929. It has spent its entire life promoting the arts by hosting traveling shows, films, and orchestras. We restored the Erie landmark to its former glory and grandeur through meticulous sanding, repairs, priming, reglazing, and caulking. To bring homage to this fantastic project, we created a custom paint finish to replicate the original Warner Theater colors.

Braendel has also been honored to work on various churches in the Erie area. When improving these buildings, we work on everything from floor to ceiling, including stained glass windows. The utmost care is critical with these renovation projects since some of the elements we work with are irreplaceable.

Historical homes are also another building type we specialize in. With smaller buildings comes more attention to detail which Braendel prides itself on. These homes can obtain severe damage over time, and we are passionate about restoring them to their former glory.

How to Renovate Your Historical Property

When restoring your historic property, it is essential to note that some specific permits and rules need to be followed. The types of permits you will need to proceed depend on the severity of the restoration. 

These regulations can be confusing for someone who has never worked on a historic restoration project, but not so with Braendel. We will mend every corner to guarantee it's of the best quality. When you choose us for your historic restoration, you will think you have time traveled into the past.

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