Services From Braendel Painting
We're much more than just painting. Take a look at the various services we offer here at Braendel Painting and Services.
There is simply no one more dependable in the area when it comes to painting and wallpapering services. We do the job right at a reasonable price, every time.
We have now added general contracting to our line of services, thanks to the requests of our many satisfied customers. Now, one call can provide you with the services to build a home, office, or major addition from start to finish - we even install the carpeting.
Braendel's fine remodeling work can be seen all over town, including the Avalon Hotel and many residential homes.
If you like the way our painting, wallpapering, and remodeling services can transform the inside of your home, just imagine the magic we can work on the outside with our expert roofing, window replacement, and siding services.
Our sign and art department has a great reputation for giving customers just the right look, no matter what the application.
Braendel is proud to have been part of the historic Warner Theater's restoration. Through meticulous sanding, repairs, priming, reglazing and recaulking, we restored the Erie landmark to its former glory. Our experience, commitment to quality, and reverence for the past earned us the job.